Among America’s oldest and most comprehensive public universities, USC Columbia is the major research institution of the University of South Carolina system and its largest campus, enrolling approximately 21,000 undergraduate students and approximately 8,000 students in graduate and professional programs. The University serves a diverse population of students with widely varying backgrounds, career goals, and levels of aspiration. USC Columbia offers over 320 degrees at the bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and professional program levels, affording students the most comprehensive array of educational programs in the state. Recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a top research and service institution, nationally ranked in start-up businesses, and conferring over 30% of all bachelor’s and graduate degrees awarded at public institutions in South Carolina, the University has a profound relevance, reach, and impact.


Location & Facilities

Local museums, parks, a beautiful River Walk, and an award-winning zoo.CAMPUS:  With a tree-lined campus in the heart of a Southern capital city, South Carolina's beauty and hospitality are best experienced in person. University of South Carolina is home of the Fighting Gamecocks! Founded in 1801 as South Carolina College, we're the flagship university in South Carolina.. The historic Horseshoe is where the original campus of South Carolina College included 9 of the 10 buildings located in this beautiful quad however USC has now grown to nearly 450 acres.  Buildings around the Horseshoe also house residence halls, classrooms, and faculty offices. The Visitor Center is also located here as well. Also on the beautiful historic Horseshoe sits our student-run restaurant managed by the School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, one of the degree programs within the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management.  Other undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by the College include sport and entertainment management, retail and fashion merchandising, and integrated information technology, each offering exceptional hands-on-learning as well as internship and career opportunities in South Carolina and beyond.  Near one of the beautiful gardens that grace the historic Horseshoe sits the School of Journalism & Mass Communications.  Located on the USC campus, 650 Lincoln is a new development featuring an 878-bed student housing community, 30,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space, two parking garages and a host of amenities.HOUSING. Every UofSC student will have the opportunity to experience residence life by living on campus at some point in their undergraduate tenure, usually during their first year, and living and learning communities have come to define this residential experience for our students. Some of these communities have an academic focus, like the Engineering and Computing Community, and others are thematic in nature, like Green Quad.  Every residence hall environment at the University of South Carolina is considered to be a learning-enhancing community.

The costs of attending college start with tuition and fees and include housing, meals, books and other supplies. The chart below is a rough estimate of what students are paying to attend the University of South Carolina this academic year. Individual costs will vary based on things like choice of residence hall or type of course work, etc.  This chart is a rough estimate of what students are paying to attend the University of South Carolina this academic year. Individual costs will vary based on things like your choice of residence hall or type of course work


Financial Aid: More than 80 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid, so these costs are by no means the out-of-pocket expense students can expect to pay. It is simply meant to be a guide. With the completed FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid, students can determine their scholarship, grant, loan or student employment options.


AList of Departments (Faculties)

Undergraduate education: We offer you a firm grounding in general education courses before you venture off into the essentials of your chosen major. This gives you time to find your passion and build the degree you want while learning how to apply classwork to the real world and adding internships and travel abroad to your resume. All majors start with general education classes where you learn to demonstrate problem-solving skills, to understand world cultures, history and languages and to create or interpret some form of art. These are the skills that will help you in your major courses and lead to a well-rounded life. We call this the Carolina Core, and these classes will include students from all majors bringing a richness of perspectives to your classroom discussions.  Another resource is the University 101 Program, a national model for first-year seminars and is consistently named by U.S. News and World Report as a “program to look for.” The four courses are team-taught by instructors drawn from the Columbia and system campuses who are assisted by graduate students and undergraduate peer leaders, creating a setting for active and collaborative teaching and learning. An academic unit that fosters student success, development, and transitions into, through, and out of the University of South Carolina: students at all levels of University study engage in deep learning and exploration of focused topics in seminar settings.


Courses offered



COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: The largest college is home to 19 core academic disciplines and 53 interdisciplinary programs, centers, institutes and schools.  The School has 19 Departments and offers in Program Degrees: 48 Bachelor's, 47 Master's, 22 Doctorates and 7 Graduate Certificates.

DARLA MOORE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: As a top-ranked business program, we immerse our students in their chosen field, and offer a strong business core to prepare them for the global marketplace.  The School has 7 Departments and offers 9 Bachelor's, 7 Master's, 2 Doctorates Programs.  Rankings:  No. 1 UndergraduateInternational Business Major ND No. 1 International MBA, No. 1 Best International Experience.

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION: offers nearly 200 master’s and Ph.D. programs that help you contribute to the world of knowledge in your field. Combine your M.B.A. and law degrees or dozens of other programs that let you complete advanced degrees in two disciplines at the same time.

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTING: We blend 150 years of education with real-world experience and access to global research opportunities in energy, cyber security, aerospace and materials. We produce highly trained undergraduates who earn some of the highest starting salaries available.

COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY, RETAIL AND SPORT MANAGEMENT: We prepare you for a high-growth career in exciting fields ranging from resort management, information technology and entertainment to retail merchandising and entrepreneurship. Our hallmark competitive internships, expert faculty and access to industry leaders give you a future with no limits.

COLLEGE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS: Our schools prepare you for careers in the use of information — journalistically, persuasively, analytically — for all audiences and across all media and formats. At undergraduate and graduate degree levels, we are all about information collection, dissemination and preservation in the 21st century digital world.

SCHOOL OF LAW: Celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017 — the same year it moves into its new state-of-the-art home. Not only do we provide unsurpassed preparation for law practice and leadership, but our all-volunteer pro bono program, the first of its kind in the nation, reinforces our mission to contribute to the common good.  11 Dual Degrees Programs, 17 third-year practice-based courses, 27 Upper-level Elective Courses, 65% students who receive scholarships assistance, 15:1 Student to Faculty Ratio, 4 Law Journals, 1st all-volunteer Pro Bono program in the U.S., Best Value Law School 8 Years in a Row, on National Jurist Pre Law Magazine

16th in the nation for the number of graduates who received clerkships with state.

SCHOOL OF MEDICINE COLUMBIA: Noted for its high-quality medical education, we are dedicated to providing humanistic patient care. As part of a top-tier research institution, our students have access to the latest diagnostic technology while learning alongside a dynamic team of clinicians and research scientists.

SCHOOL OF MEDICINE GREENVILLE: After 20 years of training many of our third-year medical students, Greenville Health Systems partnered with us to create a whole new school serving the Upstate of South Carolina and beyond. Your medical career begins with nine weeks of EMT training and certification.

SCHOOL OF MUSIC:  The world-class faculty at our music school will help you turn your passion into your life’s work by preparing you for professional careers and leadership in music teaching, performance and composition.

COLLEGE OF NURSING: Nursing is one of the fastest-growing, fulfilling and versatile career opportunities available. The School offers in 2 Bachelor's, 4 Master's, 2 Doctorates and 3 Certificates Program Degrees.

COLLEGE OF PHARMACY: Whether you want to make your mark in clinical care, research or the pharmaceutical industry, we prepare you for a rewarding and well-compensated career on the front lines of healthcare. USC began educating pharmacists 150 years ago, and we boast the largest alumni network in the state. The School offers 1 Professional Program, 3 Elective tracks and 4 Dual Degrees Programs.  It  has 6 International exchange program partners.  It has 6 Centers and Core Facilities.

ARNOLD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: The Arnold School of Public Health works to improve the health of South Carolinians and people around the world through research, education and outreach programs focused on disease prevention, environmental health and access to health services.

COLLEGE OF SOCIAL WORK:  We collaborate with the local, national and international communities to promote social well-being and social justice through dynamic teaching, research and service. Our graduates find careers in gerontology, health care, mental health and addiction services, youth services, support for military members and their families, community organizing, advocacy and social policy.

THE GRADUATE SCHOOL: The University of South Carolina is a top-tier research institution that supports almost 250 graduate programs. Over 6,000 graduate students receive outstanding training in their disciplines from world-class faculty to become accomplished scholars and industry leaders. We offer nearly 200 Master’s and Ph.D. programs that help you contribute to the world of knowledge in your field. Combine your M.B.A. and law degrees or dozens of other programs that let you complete advanced degrees in two disciplines at the same time.

SOUTH CAROLINA HONORS COLLEGE: Come be a part of one of the best honors colleges in the country, housed in a top-tier research university! Live and learn in a community of intellectually gifted students, and gain exclusive access to unconventional classes and a customized curriculum.