Webster University de Ginebra, en Suiza, es el primer campus europeo y el más grande que tiene la Webster University fuera de los EE.UU. Recibe aproximadamente 670 estudiantes de más de 90 países y su facultad proviene de 25 países. Universidad Webster de Ginebra está idealmente ubicada para estudiar un posgrado en Relaciones Internacionales o en Organizaciones No Gubernamentales, pues en Ginebra están la sede europea de la ONU y sedes de organismos especializados como la OMS (Organización Mundial de la Salud), la OMC (Organización Mundial del Comercio), la OIT (Organización Internacional del Trabajo, la UIT (Unión internacional de Comunicaciones) la OMPI (Org. Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual).  Ofrece programas de pregrado y posgrado, incluyendo Maestrías en Relaciones Internacionales, Comunicación y medios de comunicación, Psicología, Historia, Fotografía, Administración de Empresas, Finanzas, Informática o Computación, Gestión de Recursos Humanos.  También ofrece Certificados en Derechos humanos internacionales, Marketing, estudio de refugiados, desarrollo y diseño de sitios web, fotoperiodismo y fotografía de estudio y comercial.


Location & Facilities

Geneva is situated in the heart of Europe so it is easy to immerse yourself in the culture of other European cities, at only two hours by plane. It is the historic center of international cooperation and is the European headquarter of the United Nations and other major international organizations, and a vibrant financial and trading center with numerous multi-national corporations. The Alps and the Lake Geneva region offer some of the best sporting terrain in the world. Campus: Webster University Geneva occupies a spacious American-style campus, in a secure and tranquil setting, at a brief walk from Lake Leman and affords spectacular views of Mont Blanc. Located in a park-like setting in the suburban town of Bellevue, at a 8-minute train ride from central Geneva. It offers classrooms, academic and staff offices, recording and photographic studios, a cafeteria, a fitness center, a student recreational area, and a library with a collection of over 25,000 items and an extensive online Library, which allows access to digital collections of academic journals in all subject areas, over 25,000 e-books, e-reference collections, educational streaming video sites, and training materials.

VIVIENDA Y SERVICIOS PARA ESTUDIANTES: During your first-year students are accommodated on campus in the Living and Learning Center*, located in a tranquil park setting, with an easy access to classes, university facilities and transportation. This residence features fully furnished single studios and two bedroom studios. From the second year on, students are offered accommodation in our five-floor student residence that that accommodates 118 students in single or rooms, in the center of Geneva. The third student residence, with13 furnished studios with single and double occupancy, is located nearby in the lake town of Versoix.

* first-year students are required to live on campus in the Living and Learning Centre, unless they will live with immediate family in the Geneva area (an exemption request form can be approved)


Courses offered

BACHELOR STUDIES / UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS:  Webster is dedicated to excellence in teaching, meeting students’ educational needs and incorporating an international perspective throughout the curriculum.  The Undergraduate program combines different academic subjects for stronger career opportunities. Webster’s flexible degree structure promotes academic depth and intellectual breadth, and encourages students to explore diverse interests. Students normally earn their Bachelor’s degrees in 3 to 4 years:

Bachelor of Science Degrees

BS Business Administration

BS Computer Science

BS Mobile Computing

BS Finance

BS Information Management

BS Information Systems

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

BA Economics

BA History

BA International Relations

BA International Relations: Emphasis in International Economics

BA International Relations: Emphasis in Migration & Refugee Studies

BA Management

BA Management: Emphasis in Marketing

BA Media Communications

BA Photography

BA Psychology

BA Psychology: Emphasis in Mental Health

Global Citizenship Program, is Webster's Signature Program and the cornerstone of Webster University’s liberal arts curriculum with the following Program Areas: Global Understanding, Quantitative Literacy, Roots of Cultures, Social Systems and Human Behavior, Physical and Natural World, Arts Appreciation, which prepares students to meet the personal and professional challenges of tomorrow over four years of undergraduate study.  As a liberal arts institution, Webster focuses on providing students with a general education that balances fundamental learning with applicable skills.

Matrícula y Gastos (en francos suizos): Tuition is charged as a flat fee for full-time students.  Current rate for 2017-18:  CHF 16,640 per semester (Fall and Spring), CHF 33,280 for the academic year. Direct and Indirect Academic year expenses:  Webster University Geneva’s approximate educational expenses in Swiss Francs per academic year (Fall and Spring semester), including direct and indirect expenses are: Full time tuition (including textbooks) / Matrícula, libros de texto incluidos: 33,280 CHF, Vivienda (varia segun residencia en campus o independiente)  /Housing - 9,500 to 12'000 CHF (varies, based on choice of campus-sponsored housing or independent housing*), Comida (varia si en campus o fuera) / Food - 6,000 to 10'000 CHF (varies, based on choices of meal plans on campus* or independent, off-campus dining). Seguro de salud Student health insurance - 1'000 CHF, transporte local /Local transportation - 600 CHF; Coste total de un año académico (Otoño + primavera) 7 Estimated total for one academic year (Fall + Spring), including all expenses (housing/ meals):50,000 to 55'000 CHF


Six Master’s degrees are offered on Webster’s campus in Switzerland - five of which are taught in English. Each program is made up of core courses and electives, allowing students the possibility to tailor their studies based on personal and professional interests. For some programs, like the MBA and Counseling degrees, prior experience is highly recommended.

At Webster University Geneva, you will gain the essential professional skills, knowledge and tools to be able to analyze and understand the complexities of a fast-­changing world.  Our Webster Geneva alumni are leading global business initiatives at regional corporate headquarters located in Switzerland and in local start-up projects beyond, working for various International Organizations in the UN district of Geneva.

Walker School of Business and Technology

·       Management and Leadership (MA)

·       Master of Business Administration (MBA)

·       Master en Gestion des Systèmes de Soins et de Santé (MA in Health Care Management) in French

College Of Arts & Sciences

·       Counseling (MA)

·       International Nongovernmental Organizations (MA)

·       International Relations (MA)

Master of Arts in Counseling provides a comprehensive understanding of different counseling approaches plus practical experience in helping clients assess emotional difficulties, develop insights and make lifestyle changes.

Masters Degrees in International Relations: International Nongovernmental Organizations (MA)

·       International Relations (MA)

DOCTORATE PROGRAM:  Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA): Webster University Geneva offers experienced managers who wish to go beyond their MBA/EMBA the opportunity to join a doctoral program in business administration (DBA) designed by Grenoble School of Management. The DBA is a rigorous academic part-time program based on workshops, intensive online resources and face-to-face mentoring.



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