Welcome to A+ World Academy! Onboard the tall ship Sorlandet, 60 qualified students in grade 11 and 12 undertake a voyage of remarkable discovery as they and their teachers set course on a circumnavigation of the world.  A+ World Academy is a boarding school on a tall ship: We aim to be a challenging high school with rigorous academics that fosters personal development in a global setting. 60 students in grades 11 and 12 live and work on a Norwegian tall ship, ‘Sørlandet’, while studying AP courses and traveling the world.  A+ World Academy prepares students for entrance into the world’s leading universities and colleges as we offer a challenging and relevant university preparatory curriculum that is inspired by the acclaimed International Baccalaureate and the Advanced Placement Program (AP). ADMISSIONS TEAMS IN: Norway: Kristiansand (homeport of Sorlandet) and Switzerland: BERN.


Courses offered

Academic Excellence:  900 hours of Class, Cultural Exchange: 20 Destinations on 4 Continents, Personal Development:  200 days on a Tall ship.


Our students follow a rigorous academic program based on a selection of Advanced Placement courses. The instruction is traditional and similar to any other school. All instruction, however, happens at sea while moving from one destination to the next. Seven international teachers lead, guide, and support our students around the clock throughout the year.

CORE PROGRAM: Students must complete each of the 4 elements of the core program:

English, Mathematics or Calculus Physical Education Extended essay

ELECTIVE PROGRAM: Students must complete 4 courses from any of the following 9 courses in the 3 fields of study: Science, Biology (AP), Chemistry (AP) • Physics (AP), Statistics (AP), Languages: Spanish, Mandarin, Social Science: Communication & Digital Arts, Comparative Government and Politics (AP), Macroeconomics (AP), World History (AP)

FIELD STUDIES: Live and learn. Explore the world outside of the classroom. In 20 ports around the world, we balance our time between free time (‘Shore leave’) and organized activities (‘Field Studies’) with cultural and academic objectives.  For 10 months you will live alongside students from around the world.  In 2018, the school year will follow the old trade routes of the ‘Atlantic Figure-Eight’. We will start in NORWAY and sail to, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, St. Helena, and the Caribbean, among others.

CAMPUS: Our campus is a Norwegian tall ship that was built in Kristiansand in 1927. The Sørlandet is commonly referred to as the ‘PEARL OF NORWAY’, and is today the world’s oldest fully-rigged tall ship still in active service. For 90 years she has been an arena for young people to learn and to grow. Even old, she is equipped with modern facilities from showers and bathrooms under the foredeck to a laundromat in the aft deck. Most students sleep in hammocks that follow the motion of the sea. The students’ dorm onboard is the banjer (midship room below the main deck) that serves as a classroom, dining hall and bed room. 60 students, divided into designated spaces for boys and girls, must learn to come together as a close community that communicates well and is sensitive to each other's needs.

SHIPBOARD LIFE: The school is demanding.  Not only are you a student at the school, but you also take part in sailing and maintaining the world’s oldest operating fully-rigged tall ship. You will have a day watch and a night watch, with challenging chores that will teach you to push your limits, and show you that you are more capable than you thought you were.

ENTRANCE LEVELS: Candidates for admission to A+ World Academy will be considered for enrolment in the last three years of secondary school study. A+ World Academy encourages students to complete a two-year program and to have the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of our program. However, students may also apply for a single year of study at any of the levels offered.

Jurisdictions: A+ World Academy has partnered with a number of recognized schools, school boards and governments in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Scandinavia. These partnerships ensure that each student is able to acquire credit for studies that are recognized in a form that is familiar and useful to them.

LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION:  English. Students are engaged in a full English Immersion course. Consequently, the materials used will rely not only on all of the basic genres of literature and assignments uncreative and analytical writing but, also, language specific to a number of topics and concepts in other subject areas. The objective of the course is to ensure that each student acquires all of the tools required to study, at advanced levels, in the English language.  Other languages taught: Mandarin (levels I-III), Spanish (I-III)



Financial aid and scholarships: available, inquire with admissions.



Our program is unique. We are a non-profit school and all tuition goes to cover costs related to the program and to preserving the world’s oldest fully-rigged tall ship, the Sørlandet.

Application fee for new students: EUR 150: Norwegian students NOK 315,000, International students: EUR 56,000; Approx. USD $ 60,000.  Payment plan Tuition is paid in three installments: 14 days after acceptance, May 1st and August 1st. The annual tuition fee includes: Full boarding, cost of the academic program, field studies and lab work. Not included are: Vaccinations, visas, personal medication, insurance (500 €), travel to/from the school, pocket money, meals during shore leave, external exam costs and uniforms.