How Well Do You Know Your Kid?

You may still live with your kid and spend hours together. Although, there are lots of small things you might not catch about his/her personality and dreams. This short quiz will help you discover how much you really know about him/her.


See how many of the following questions you can answer just click on the option you think is right. Don’t be surprised if you get stumped along the way. After that, your son or daughter will receive a link to the same test. When they finish the test, we will match your answers and email you both the score!

Mom/Dad, can you answer these questions about me?

I want to study ...?
What’s my biggest fear about attending college?
If I made a mistake in choosing my college, you would ...?
What's my ideal college location?
What do I want to get out of my school experience?
How important is prestige when choosing my school?
What kind of grades am I pulling in?
I’d like my college experience to be just like one big…
I want to be the next…
How important are sports to me?
How's my perfect classroom?

One last thing...