The EAE INTERNATIONAL MBA Program Barcelona – New York has been designed so that participants can enhance and increase their knowledge in business management and administration, work with the main management tools and strengthen their managerial skills and competences. It is a management master’s degree focused on understanding all areas involved in the management of organizations, with a complete overview of the company, the way it functions and how it is organized.  Do a semester in Pace University, New York.  Conducted in English.

EAE, ranked as one of the top 50 European Business Schools in terms of offering their MBA students a high rate of employability according to the “Global 200 Business School Report” ranking by QS. All this enriched by networking opportunities with other participating professionals, our teaching staff, and professionals invited to our conferences, debates and activities, crucial for enhancing professional positioning.

Top seven reasons for taking EAE’s International MBA in Spain and New York:

1.   Study abroad in New York: Students are offered the opportunity to study abroad at Pace University (New York),, a private institution of higher education committed to offering students a high quality, global business education.

2.   International Faculty: lecturers from partner universities and business schools. Teach some course contents.

3.   Conferences on specific industries: Conference series led by top-level business directors, who share their experiences and knowledge.

4.   Networking: participants will have the opportunity to expand their professional network with top CEOs, in Coffee & CEO events, on 3 occasions during the academic year,

5.   International Residential Program: On completing the tuition period in Barcelona, students have the option of doing a two-week residential placement at Pace University (New York). This residential program is available at an additional charge to the student.

6.   Business Game: The Business Game experience enables students to create and manage their own company, testing their abilities and knowledge acquired during the first part of the program.   It is a contest where participants will have to act as a real entrepreneur and succeed.

7.   Employment Report: 95% of International MBA students who applied for Internships managed to do them.

Purpose: The main objectives of the International MBA Barcelona / New York are:

Ø  LEADERSHIP: Managing and leading an organization thanks to the enhancement of essential knowledge in all areas of a company: marketing, finances, accounting, human capital and operations.

Ø  EFFECTIVE: Developing the appropriate tools and capacities for leadership: team work, motivation, communication, business ethics and social responsibility

Ø  SUSTAINABLE: Evolving within complex and competitive national and international organizations, underpinned by sustainable development.

Ø  CHANGE: Adapting to and anticipating the organization's needs in terms of change in order to remain competitive.

Ø  GLOBAL MANAGEMENT: Managing the organization's flexibility in view of the emergence of new technologies, new markets and the evolution of society

Ø  ENTERPRENEURIAL : Strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit and establishing the bases for the creation of new businesses, while encouraging innovation and creativity

FACTS: Full-time, Duration: 1 year Credits, 60 ECTS, Languages: English, On Campus, Start Date: October 2018

Politécnica de Cataluña (Campus Barcelona), then New York.

DEGREE:  Double Degree Students who successfully pass the course will obtain the Master of International MBA Barcelona - New York degree from EAE Business School. In addition, students who fulfill the established academic requirements will obtain the Master of International MBA Barcelona - New York degree from Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). In order to obtain the degree from partner universities, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements established by the institutions.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES  EAE assesses the competencies that companies value most and passes them on to the students in order to facilitate their employability. The aim is to reach the level of development demanded

Some facts from our Employment Report 2017:

The 91% of graduates find employment within 6 months of finishing the Master, and the 41% find employment before finishing their program

The 70% improve their  professional situation after graduating

The 60%  increase their salary after their time at EAE

The 6% set up a business after graduating

TUITION: Full Program  €27,300 (Please check if the published price has changed)

Grants and subsidies: EAE offers special funding conditions, grants and aids for candidates accepted on EAE programs.