The University focuses on excellence in teaching, the joining of theory and practice, small class sizes, and educating students to be lifelong independent learners prepared to participate in an increasingly international society. Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high quality learning experiences that global citizenship and individual excellence: 1 University in 4 Continents, 9 Countries, and 60 Cities!

A degree from Webster Vienna is accredited in both the USA and Austria, and recognized everywhere in the world.

Landmark Dates: The Vienna Campus, Webster Vienna Private University, opened in 1981 and is accredited both in the USA and in Austria, in 1985 it offers the first accredited MBA program in Austria, in 2014 Webster Vienna moves to “Palais Wenkheim” close to the city center, and opens Webster’s first dormitory in Vienna, “Residence Am Augarten”.  In 2016 celebrated 35 years in Vienna!


Location & Facilities

Vienna, a vibrant city, is located in the heart of Europe with easy access to many major European cities and historical sites.  Vienna is the most prosperous city in the world.

Since 2012, Vienna has also been ranked as "World's best city for young people, The City of Dreams", "#1 Smart City on the Planet", and selected “the World’s best place to live” in Mercer‘s annual Quality of Living Survey, 8 years in a row! (2009-2016).  Many consider it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with its idyllic setting on the Danube, vast green spaces that make up over half of the city, and combination of stunning imperial as well as modern architecture. A Webster Vienna student can experience the best of both words: the historic charm of the city’s world renowned culture and traditional coffee houses right alongside its contemporary music, art scene and nightlife.

Vienna has a lot to offer young professionals from all around the world (see video from the Chamber of Commerce) and the unemployment rate is very low. Vienna is Europe‘s music capital with two major Opera Houses and the renowned Vienna Philharmonic (remember the New Year concert broadcast worldwide!) It is a safe and clean city with centuries of history, imperial architecture, museums, theatres and cultural festivals. In sports and recreation, there are abundant opportunities for hiking, running, bicycling, skiing, boating, exercising—or just relaxing along the Blue Danube.  Golden opportunities await you by visiting and perhaps even working at one of the many multinational businesses or global organizations that are headquartered here. Vienna is an important diplomatic center and home to one of the four official seats of the United Nations, and other international organizations such as he Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The city has an excellent infrastructure and affordable public transportation system, 50% of the city is “green” with numerous parks, bike paths (over 200 km), swimming and sailing opportunities.

HOUSING: Webster Residence Am Augarten is an 80-bed facility that combines all the newest amenities with the charm of vintage Viennese architectural style, Webster’s new dormitory provides students with superior comfort, practical convenience, and an engaging social atmosphere. It is a 10-minute walk to the university’s new campus at the Palais Wenkheim, and a 5-minute walk to the famous Prater and Augarten parks. The city center is a mere two subway stations away, although it is easily reachable by foot.  All undergraduate program students, (freshmen or transfer students) are required to live the first academic semester at the Residence, and can be extended on a semester basis. Living in a dorm has many advantages. Students who live in Webster housing are more likely to earn better grades, become involved on campus, interact with faculty, and are much more likely to graduate.  A community kitchen providing lockers and cooling storage space is available at no extra costs to all residents.

Rental fees: Single rooms: €3,600/person/semester / Double: €2,800/person/semester utilities and amenities included.


List of Departments (Faculties)


To succeed in business, you will have to be able to effectively communicate, negotiate, innovate, and compete in an increasingly global business climate. A Webster Business and Management education will provide you with the necessary skills. Our curriculum and international network will prepare you for a successful career in either the private or public sector.

v  Bachelor Programs (Undergraduate)

·       Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration

·       Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management

·       Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management with emphasis in International Business

·       Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management with emphasis in Marketing Emphasis

o    Undergraduate Minors: Business, Economics, Management

o    Certificate Programs (Undergraduate): Certificate in Entrepreneurship

v  Master Programs (Graduate)

·       Master of Science (MSc) in Finance

·       Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing

·       Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The International Relations program at Webster Vienna prepares students for leadership and service in the international diplomatic, professional, and academic communities. Led by a team of internationally recognized researchers, lecturers, and scholar-practitioners, students examine great powers politics, humanitarian issues, and the dynamics of the international political economy, learning how to employ competing theories, methods, and approaches.

The international nature of the faculty and student body enriches students' on-campus academic experience while exposing them to one of the world's premier centers of international activity; home to the UN, UNIDO, UNODC, IAEA, OPEC, OFID, CTBTO and the OSCE where many Webster International Relations graduates go on to work. Our graduates are regularly admitted into prestigious post-graduate programs at Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, John Hopkins, Georgetown and the London School of Economics. Many of our graduates go on to top careers in politics, international business, and NGOs; and an increasing number successfully complete Ph.D. programs in Europe and the United States.

v  Bachelor Program (Undergraduate)

o    Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relations

v  Master Program (Graduate)

o    Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations

o    Global Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations: As part of Webster Worldwide Program this Global MA in International Relations provides full-time graduate students an opportunity to live, learn, and study at Webster's campuses in Leiden, the Netherlands; London, England; Geneva, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; and either Bangkok, Thailand; or Beijing, China.)


We have a competitive research environment and are proud of our program diversity, which covers the foundations of psychology, provides a solid preparation for helping others, and introduces students to neurosciences and behavioral sciences.  Webster University's Psychology Department is proud of its counseling program, which ideally prepares students for a wide range of jobs in the helping profession, and of its state-of-the-art research infrastructure, which allows for the links between the science and the practice of psychology. All courses are in English.

Bachelor Program (Undergraduate)

·       Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology - Accredited both in the USA and in Austria. This program also contains courses in Biology among others that make it similar to a Bachelor of Science (BS). In addition, you can get your hands on fancy physiological recording devices including a full grown 64 channel EEG system to watch the brain at work, which introduces you to the world of science.

Master Program (Graduate)

·       Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology (Covers Propädeutikum aspects and gives you a great research experience) - accredited both in the USA and Austria; outcome:

a) You become a Psychologist, b) You gain verbal skills that are needed for every profession, because communication is crucial to all disciplines, c) You get the Propädeutikum certificate, first important step to become a Psychotherapist in Austria (at no extra cost), d) You are ideally prepared for any PhD Program.


The media play a decisive role in our perception of the world. New media have revolutionized communications. Today people are expected to navigate through an information-saturated environment. The Media Communications program is designed to familiarize students with several areas, among them mass communication; basic media production, ethics and legal issues, cultural diversity in the media, interpersonal communication, research methods, and more. Students select a concentration area of 15 credits in media communications, public relations, or film studies. Students work on theoretical and research aspects of media and apply their knowledge to creative projects. We emphasize training in the production and post-production of content. Outside contacts are part of the practice of our courses. Site visits to media companies and institutions often lead to internships or further project work.

Bachelor Programs (Undergraduate)

·       Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Media Communications


Courses offered

Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs


Webster Vienna Private University's undergraduate programs offer students the best of both worlds: an American liberal arts education that prioritizes faculty mentorship, excellence in teaching and small class size, and a European research university where innovative scholarship sets the standard for academic and intellectual achievement. Accredited in both Austria and the United States, a Webster education is also a global education. Throughout their undergraduate education, students explore their own major field of study, as well as related disciplines in which they confront today's most pressing social, political and economic issues. To this end, Webster's Global Citizenship Program ensures that continuing exposure to the latest innovations in the human sciences and liberal arts is an essential aspect of students' undergraduate education.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees are awarded in the following majors:

·       International Relations

·       Management with possible emphasis in International Business or Marketing

·       Media Communications

·       Psychology

Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are awarded in the following majors

·       Business Administration

Students are also able to complete the following undergraduate certificate programs:

o    Entrepreneurship


Webster's graduate programs are for students who have earned a primary degree at a recognized institution and would like to pursue an internationally recognized graduate degree to further their knowledge and prepare for career advancement.

Master of Arts (MA)

·       International Relations

·       Psychology with emphasis in Counseling Psychology (open for Fall and Spring entry)

Master of Science (MSc)

·       Finance

·       Marketing

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

·       MBA



Webster Vienna encourages all incoming undergraduate (bachelor), transfer, and graduate (master) students with exceptional academic achievement and proven financial need to apply for a Webster Vienna Scholarship. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on the American 4-point scale. Scholarships for undergraduate students cover between 10-50% of tuition (with no award exceeding 50%), while graduate scholarships cover between 10-25% for accepted applicants.  Another scholarship is the Borealis Social Scholarship for new undergraduate and graduate students, that carries a full tuition award for one incoming undergraduate student with outstanding academic excellence and proven financial need, who begins studies in the Fall 1 term.  Also there is Webster Vienna Second Degree Grant, and the Webster Vienna Legacy Tuition Grant.