Descripción general

ISL Sprachschule, ubicada en Alemania las ciudad de Coblenza, ofrece cursos de alemán y programas Pathway para preparar los exámenes de admisión a las universidades alemanas.  Además ISL tiene la licencia para llevar a cabo los exámenes en sus centros.  ALEMANIA es el tercer destino más popular entre los estudiantes internacionales en el mundo que representan el 12% de los estudiantes en universidades alemanas. Alemania es un lugar muy atractivo para estudiar, porque no se paga matrícula en las universidades públicas, la única exigencia es el tener el nivel requerido del idioma alemán; además el costo de vida en Alemania es razonable y los gastos de vida asequibles.  Para adquirir el nivel exigido de alemán, si no se tiene, ISL ofrece un programa Pathway, "Studienkolleg", privado,

El ALEMÁN es una de las diez lenguas más habladas del mundo: 185 millones de personas hablan alemán. El dominio de un idioma extranjero, como el alemán, es un plus en el CV! Otra gran ventaja es que los títulos universitarios alemanes son altamente valorados por los empleadores del mundo entero.


Fechas de ingreso


Direct entry to university—C1 package EUR 7900

A student with good enough grades at school and a school certificate that is the equivalent to the German exam (such as A-level or IB) OR who has spent some time at university (usually 4 semesters) OR indeed has a bachelor degree, can enter university directly after completing the required C1-Test DaF. At ISL students can reach this level within 36 weeks á 30 hours each. Package includes: 36 weeks of teaching á 30 hours, teaching material, Test-DaF exam, airport pick up on arrival days, university consulting service and application, sending of visa documents, assessment test and level tests.

RESUMEN PRECIOS: German Pathway: NOTE: one level takes 6 weeks

B2 package-Foundation year to prepare and take the TELC B2 Test; €6800 total

C1 package—direct entry to University, to prepare and take the TestDaF exam; €7900 total

Health insurance: EUR 33 p. month, Liability and accident insurance: €6/month (€18 min.)


Ubicación e instalaciones

Coblenza es una ciudad ideal para aprender el idioma. La gente es abierta y amable y los estudiantes establecen contactos con facilidad. Coblenza cuenta con una universidad importante que atrae a muchos otros estudiantes alemanes.  Está. a 1 hora de otras ciudades importantes como Frankfurt o Colonia, con una población de cerca de 110.000 personas.

COSTE DE VIDA: Promedio mensual €690, gastos generales: 621 Euros; Matrícula a universidades alemana gratis; Transporte público: €30, seguros: €3

VIVIENDA: 1.SL residential and apartments (Price per person and month: Single room  €600 / twin room  € 480 with cleaning of common areas, utilities, internet, TV fee, rubbish fee, etc.). 2. Host family: with a German family and be part of German everyday life (price/person/week: shared Room  €220, Single Room: €240).  3. Youth hostel: in an ancient castle on the hill over the Rhine with a spectacular view over Koblenz, recently renovated. Full board will be provided (Price per person/night: €50 in rooms for 2-6 people). 4. Hotel Simonis: Easy to reach from school, spacious rooms, modern bathrooms, half board provided. (Twin: €70, Single  €90)



Cursos ofrecidos

Study in Germany: ISL is your perfect partner: Universities in Germany offer first class education with NO TUITION FEES: study Business, Engineering, Science, Management, etc. To study in Germany, you have to learn the German language first.

v  At ISL every year many students study German and then move on to a German University. We have German language courses for all levels, so you can take our course to prepare you for the required German level, and you can take the exams with us.

v  ISL also offers a Pathway to German University: we prepare students for German University.  We provide Language Training, Visa Service and University Service

Information on Foundation year in Germany

Students from abroad who don‘t have a secondary certificate that is equivalent to the Abitur (German certificate), the—such as A-levels, SAT or IB—will have to complete a one-year foundation year course before being finally admitted into university.

There are a number of different courses offered during the foundation year.  For a number of subjects you have a choice of the foundation year. The most popular ones are the

Ø  The T- course, mostly for studies related to engineering and science subjects.

Ø  The M-course, for all medicine-related subjects.

Ø  The W-course for studies related to economics and business administration.

A number of public universities offer free foundation year courses, but universities have had to limit the number of people that they can accept into their foundation courses due to the higher number of applicants coming to Germany. Only the students with the highest scores in the entrance exams of each University test are admitted. As a result, there are now providers offering private foundation year courses offering, and being private they charge fees. However, not all courses enable students to study the subject of their choice and a number of courses only enable students to study at a university of applied science as supposed to a „classical“ university.  When selecting a course please students must be aware of the fact that only courses with one letter, allow access to a university, whereas the two letters-courses (e.g. TT-course) only allow access to a university of applied sciences.  If students want to have a guaranteed seat, they will choose the private option. However, taking the course does not guarantee that the student will pass the final exam.

ISL will be happy to help students make the right choice.  ISL offers private foundation courses (M, T and W) every winter and summer semester. Students attending the ISL language courses will have priority in the foundation course, and receive a special discount.

As a foreigner, you must know German to study in a German University and you have to options there get into a German University:

1. If you only have a certificate of 12 years of secondary education, you must take a Foundation Year, and then pass the C1 level exam to get into University.  To get into the foundation year you must have passed the German B2 level exam. This is the path: first take a German language course to prepare the B2 level exam (30 weeks at ISL School to prepare the B2 level exam) > then take the Foundation Year (12 months at a Studienkolleg at the end of which you will take the C1 level exam) > than you will have access to a German University with NO FEES! (Bachelor / Master)

To this end ISL offers a private ISL Studienkolleg.

2. If you have secondary education + university / IB / A-Levels (depending on subjects): you are exempt from the Foundation Year, and you will only be required the C1 level exam > then University NO FEES! (Bachelor / Master). ISL offers a preparation German Course to take the C1 level exam (36 weeks at ISL School)

Partner Institutes: We closely work with the university of applied sciences Jena and the university of applied sciences Zwickau. These institutes offer a wide range of subjects in the area of business, engineering, social work, health care and many more. They are modern with a large number of students from all over the world.

Once you have the required exams, ISL will help you with your application to a German University.

I – PRECIOS de Programas PATHWAY

1. Foundation year—B2 package EUR 6800

·       If a student only has a general secondary exam or something similar (i.e. no equivalent to the German university entrance requirement such as A-levels), he/she will need to do a foundation year before being accepted into university. German Level B2 is required the required entry level of German for most foundation years (Studienkolleg) courses. A student can reach this level within 30 weeks á 30 lessons each, a course offered by ISL

·       Public foundation years have an entrance exam for which ISL offers a special preparation course of 3 weeks. In this course we focus on the German and Maths—both of which will be examined at the entrance test. ISL Package includes: 30 weeks of teaching á 30 hours, teaching material, TELC B2 test, airport pick up on arrival days, university consulting service and application, sending of visa documents, assessment test and level tests.

II - German Language Intensive Courses / Cursos intensivos de idioma

AT ISL all teachers are qualified native speakers.  There is a free entry-level test to determine the level of German (all levels from A= to C1 are on offer regularly at ISL). There is free Wi-Fi access.  Students have approx. 2 hours of homework/day.  ISL offers 2 afternoon/evening activities per week and 2 weekend activities.

Two types of Intensive classes:

v  30 hours/week, max.12 participants.  Price/week: €185

v  20 hours/week, max. 20 participants. Price/week: €125

FECHAS DE INICIO: Starting dates 2017 for language courses A0 with 30-hours:

February 6th, March 20th, May 2nd, June 12th, July 24th, September 4th, October 16th, November 27th,


t  Preparation course for Entrance Exam to foundation year for people wanting to attend a public (free) foundation course, 3 weeks á 20 hours (includes German and Maths required to pass the entrance test) € 360

t  ISL Foundation year—M, T or W course: 38 weeks with 30 lessons per week €5500 (€5000 if also takes the B2 package)

t  Single classes, €50